Bacup Royal Court Theatre Is Planning A Concert To Showcase Rossendale Children’s Performing Arts Talent

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Juliette Shepherd, Secretary of the BRCT group, is planning a concert at Bacup Royal Court Theatre that will showcase the amazing performing arts talent that we have in our Schools, and she needs your help to do it!

The Rossendale Schools’ Performing Arts Evening will provide an opportunity for children to perform on a real stage. The content you provide does not need to be new, but could be a part of an existing or past production or a solo performance by an individual and therefore requires little additional work by teachers. The concert will be held on the evening of Thursday 15th June with each performance lasting between 5 – 20 minutes.

The Rossendale CAN group enthusiastically supports Juliette’s initiative and agrees with her when she says that “We should be proud of the talent we have in our young people, and this is an opportunity to share this talent with other schools and the community within a theatre setting”.

If you would like your school to take part, please contact Juliette in the first instance through to register your interest by 7th April and she will send out a form to obtain details of your school’s performance contribution. Juliette is also happy for you to visit the theatre on the afternoon of Wednesday 14th June but please let her know, there may also be another time the previous week.

For further information on the Bacup Royal Court Theatre, please check out their web site


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