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Event Organising A Beginners Guide

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Events can be an amazing way of raising funds for your Charity or cause, and raising awareness of your group or organisation but if you have never been involved with organising an event before, it can be a bit daunting. I have first hand knowledge of this when I organised the first Rossendale 60’s Festival single-handedly back in 2013. By 2014, Pete Sweetmore came on board along with others to form an organising group and now the festival has developed to a point where it has been shortlisted in the final of the Northern Soul Awards for Music Festival of the Year. Over the years we have been involved with a number of organising groups and helped and supported many events. What this document is about is to pass on advise learned along the way in the hope that it will both help and encourage individuals and organisations to organise their own event.

  1. Talk to others about your event idea and listen to opinions
  2. Encourage others to join you in organising the event and delegate responsibilities to each (funding, publicity, logistics)
  3. Look for a venue and discuss costs, availability and the facilities that you may need
  4. Seek funding to support the set up costs (RBC Neighbourhood Forum, Local Businesses)
  5. Seek advice on Insurance, Licences etc (Alison Wilkins RBC)
  6. Publicity is important so make sure you use or develop a good social media network (Facebook, Twitter etc). Contact local press and radio to promote your event

The following are individuals and organisations that can help along with contact details:

Advise on event organisation, funding and promotion:

  • Barry Hyde – email b.hyde3@ntlworld
  • Pete Sweetmore – email
  • Alison Wilkins – Bacup Events Group – email
  • Keith Jenkins – Markets Manager – email

One of the Valley’s recent successes is The Clog Market in Rawtenstall which is run by Jane Boys. She is happy to help and advise those who are looking to start a market. Her email address is

There really is lots of help and advise out there, you just need to ask for it.




Performing Arts Festivals Could Help Boost Bacup Town Centre

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There has been much discussion on social media about the proposed THI scheme in Bacup Town Centre but what is beginning to be acknowledged by residents is that whatever happens regarding the scheme, Bacup needs to change and reinvent itself as a Town with unique qualities.

It has occurred to me that we do have both venues in Bacup and talent Valley wide that could be brought together to create a Bacup Festival Of Performing Arts. The venues that I feel have potential to stage elements of a Festival are:

  • Bacup Royal Court Theatre
  • The A B & D Centre
  • Central Methodist Hall
  • The Pioneer Building
  • The Library

These venues provide some excellent opportunities for indoor events, and in particular something that would be unique to Bacup. Some possibilities could be:

  • The Bacup Performing Arts Festival (staging a variety of performing arts at different venues)
  • The Bacup Choir Festival (invite the many choirs to perform at different venues)
  • The Bacup Brass Band Festival (bringing together all of the Brass bands in the Valley to perform)
  • The Bacup Dance Festival (bringing a number of dance academies together to perform at different venues)
  • The Bacup 60’s Happening (to coincide with the Rossendale 60’s Festival 2017)

Above are just a few ideas for possible Festival formats, and in addition, the Festivals could promote further activities in the town centre to supplement the main venues. Markets, street entertainment, food and drink. Apart from the 60’s happening, most would probably need to be planned to take place in 2018, and would need the help and support of the community. I think the important thing is that we do have the indoor venues and outside space in the town centre and the talent Valley wide to make this happen.