Performing Arts Festivals Could Help Boost Bacup Town Centre

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There has been much discussion on social media about the proposed THI scheme in Bacup Town Centre but what is beginning to be acknowledged by residents is that whatever happens regarding the scheme, Bacup needs to change and reinvent itself as a Town with unique qualities.

It has occurred to me that we do have both venues in Bacup and talent Valley wide that could be brought together to create a Bacup Festival Of Performing Arts. The venues that I feel have potential to stage elements of a Festival are:

  • Bacup Royal Court Theatre
  • The A B & D Centre
  • Central Methodist Hall
  • The Pioneer Building
  • The Library

These venues provide some excellent opportunities for indoor events, and in particular something that would be unique to Bacup. Some possibilities could be:

  • The Bacup Performing Arts Festival (staging a variety of performing arts at different venues)
  • The Bacup Choir Festival (invite the many choirs to perform at different venues)
  • The Bacup Brass Band Festival (bringing together all of the Brass bands in the Valley to perform)
  • The Bacup Dance Festival (bringing a number of dance academies together to perform at different venues)
  • The Bacup 60’s Happening (to coincide with the Rossendale 60’s Festival 2017)

Above are just a few ideas for possible Festival formats, and in addition, the Festivals could promote further activities in the town centre to supplement the main venues. Markets, street entertainment, food and drink. Apart from the 60’s happening, most would probably need to be planned to take place in 2018, and would need the help and support of the community. I think the important thing is that we do have the indoor venues and outside space in the town centre and the talent Valley wide to make this happen.


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