Rossendale Cultural Arts Network Celebrating The Arts In Rossendale

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The Rossendale Cultural Arts Network (CAN)  is a newly formed collective of like-minded groups and individuals who appreciate the wealth of visual and performing arts talent that exists within the Rossendale Valley. The main objective of Rossendale CAN is to identify, develop, showcase and promote all of the amazing arts that exist within the Valley, and to encourage communication and collaboration between members.

Rossendale CAN is a constituted group, Chaired by Barry Hyde, Secretary Pete Sweetmore and Treasurer Romy Vear. The network currently has representatives from The Dansworks Academy, The Boo Theatre, The Whitaker Museum, The Bacup Royal Court Theatre, The Rossendale Players, The APNA Community Gallery and other members of the community, all committed to highlighting, promoting and developing the Valley’s talent.

Rossendale CAN welcomes all visual and performing arts groups within the Valley, and acknowledges that there are still groups out there that have yet to be identified, and are looking to these groups to broaden the network’s scope. These include music, singing, comedy, brass bands, dance and theatre groups, of which we have many excellent examples in the Valley.

As an initial showcase of the Valley’s talent, Rossendale CAN will be featuring profiles of a number of arts groups and promoting their activities through the month of June,  provide a great opportunity for those involved to stage performance, organise tours and run workshops to promote the activities of their group and use their event to showcase the expertise and talents existing within the group and raising its profile. Collaboration between groups is positively  encouraged, with a view to enhancing the scope of activities and performances throughout the network. Rossendale CAN believes that the more members the network, has the more effective the network will be. So if you are interested in joining the network, please email the Chair at

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.